Correct Band Saw Blade Si̇ze
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13 Ekim 2020, Salı
Correct band saw blade size
To determine the length of the band saw blade, it is necessary first to check the tables on the machine that show the length of the band. If there is no such table on the machine, you can search on Google using the brand and model of the machine or access the recommended dimensions on the band saw machine manufacturer's website.
Correct band saw blade size

Meat and Bone Band Saw Blade Production Started in Turkey

High Quality and Durability

The meat and bone band saw blades that we have started to produce in Turkey are designed to meet the needs of the industry at the highest level. In our production, we use the world-renowned Böhler strip steel material, and these blades stand out with their superior cutting performance and durability.

Böhler Strip Steel: Reliable Quality

The Böhler strip steel used in our blades is known for its high quality. This material provides the necessary hardness and durability for cutting meat and bone, ensuring the blades have a long lifespan. The features of Böhler strip steel are as follows:

  1. High Strength: Resistant to the tough conditions during meat and bone cutting.
  2. Long Life: Stays sharp longer thanks to its hardened structure.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: High resistance to moisture and corrosion.
  4. Flexibility: Its flexible structure minimizes the risk of breaking or cracking.

Superior Cutting Performance

Our blades are specially designed to provide the highest efficiency in meat and bone cutting. These blades are sharper and more durable thanks to their hardened tooth tips. Thus, you can achieve smoother and faster cuts with less effort in your cutting operations.

Wide Range of Uses

Our new meat and bone band saw blades have a wide range of uses:

  • Meat Processing Plants: Suitable for use in high-capacity meat processing plants.
  • Butchers: Ideal for daily meat and bone cutting operations.
  • Industrial Use: Superior performance in industrial meat and bone cutting machines.

Technical Support and Service

We are always by your side during and after the production process. Our expert team provides the necessary support to ensure the best performance of your blades. If you encounter any technical problems, we are proud to be with you with our quick and effective solution suggestions.

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Correct Band Saw Selection.
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